When life hits you hard, remember that there is an untapped opportunity behind meant EXCLUSIVELY for you. This pretty much sums up the early stage of this Shlokapreneur Divyaa Doraiswamy.

We must have heard about mompreneur, homepreneur, foodpreneur but here is one more dimension, the shlokapreneur. Divyaa has been spreading positive vibes wherever she is by teaching slokas.

Shlokapreneur – The Story Behind

Back in 2010 when she was undergoing a personal tragedy in her life, she was desperate for positive vibes that can help her cope with the scenario. Being an avid believer of God, she found solace in chanting slokas during those tough times. That probably was the time when she returned back to Bangalore from the US and landed up in a software testing job in the year 2011! After 3 years of working for a firm, she identified that she needed peace and decided to start a venture in 2014. Luckily, it was Navrathri time when she just tried to experiment with her idea of teaching slokas to kids and to her surprise, 6 kids enrolled and that was her BINGO moment.

shlokapreneur chanting

Divyaa says

Children learn arts, music, studies! Why not slokas? Perhaps, slokas do more good to a person’s life on a longer run.

Sounds interesting, right?

Well, that’s what her students and their parents began to tell her after enrolling their kids in her sessions.

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What started as an experiment turned into a full-time opportunity in no time. She reached schools and shops in the locality to promote her first mobile sloka school named Gurukulam in Bangalore. Though marketing was a challenge, she was able to deal it through word-of-mouth and Facebook promotions.

In due course of time, she began taking mom and kid duo sessions. All her teachings were in Sanskrit and that impressed her students.

The Evolution Of Gurukulam

It was one point during these sessions that she realized that she wanted to reach people beyond boundaries. As a result, she converted all her one-to-one sessions into online sessions. At this moment, she standardized the entire process so students can learn sloka mobile and she created a 2-year curriculum for students to learn all the essential slokas completely.

When asked how her client base is at the moment, Divyaa says

I cater to students from different parts of the world daily. It starts early in the morning and I teach students from USA, UK, India and more.

Gurukulam is today the online sloka school to over 50 students.

Impact Of Learning Slokas

Originally an economist, Divyaa’s shlokapreneur journey has been amazing and she exclaims how her students have found benefits of chanting slokas in a short period.

divyaa shlokapreneur

Here are a few of the benefits quoted by Divyaa –

  • Kids were able to solve mathematical problems and understand concepts at ease.
  • Improved concentration was the by-product of learning and chanting slokas and a majority of the students have ascertained the same.
  • As children are the primary audience for Gurukulam, parents of such children have happily conveyed the moral values adhered by their kids after learning slokas.

What was even interesting about the benefits was the impact slokas created on one of her differently-abled students. Right from pronunciation to memory power to activities, there were gradual improvements observed in the student. Not to forget, reciting slokas transformed the behavior of one of her aged students.

Divyaa is now planning to expand the online mobile sloka school to new countries so more students can be benefited out of it.

Each one of us wanted to live at peace but Divyaa achieves it effortlessly through her Gurukulam!

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