Ramzan month reminds us of prayer followed by mouthwatering biryanis and authentic Haleems. But if you are a vegan or someone who prefers to celebrate it guilt-free, your prayer is heard!

Smart Alec, a 100% vegan restaurant based out of Hyderabad, serves Vegan Haleem, Vegan Shammi Kebab, Vegan mock meat biryani, and Double Ka Meetha along with Vegan Falooda for just Rs 799 per plate.

vegan ifthar party

vegan falooda ramzan

Three vegans partner for change

Smart Alec is run by Sanjna Muttreja and Mansi Virmani since November 2017. They were school friends who turned vegan 4 years ago due to ethical reasons. Both of them began the journey by veganizing non-vegan dishes and allowing customers to eat guilt-free. After all, this is good for animals, plant and the wellbeing of oneself.

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Sandhya Dittakavi happened to be a regular customer to this restaurant post her return from the US and her passion for cooking and presenting extraordinary vegan dishes brought her as a part of the team.

Sandhya says,

We decided to take up the challenge and showcase how pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, decadent desserts, and so much more could taste just as delicious when made with plant-based ingredients. It’s also our way of furthering and promoting the cause of veganism; after all the way to many hearts is through food! We have a mixed customer base, from old-time vegans to travelers and expats, curious minds, health and fitness enthusiasts amongst others.

Well, the trio didn’t stop just here.

Vegan Haleem for Ramzan

During the month of Ramzan, it is generally difficult to source mouthwatering biryanis that are guilt-free and plant-based but Sandhya wanted to ease things for vegans.

Perhaps, there is no reason to complain when you go vegan because you get lip-smacking dishes, environmental-friendly accessories and what not and you only do good to the environment.

With this thought in mind, the trio had hosted a Vegan Iftar party a couple of weeks ago and the response was amazing. With a blend of wheat dalia, nuts, oats and dals, it was possible for the trio to create authentic Haleem that is healthy and tasty. The demand skyrocketed so quickly that the team had to plan two more parties to fulfill the needs.

vegan haleem india

Smart Alec is all set to prepare Iftar platter every year and also take every effort to integrate local food culture during festivals so vegans do not miss any of it.

So, do you think you missed eating it this time? Bookmark this restaurant and your craving for Vegan Haleem ends there! This Vegan Iftar party will henceforth be organized every year during Ramzan.

When every other person celebrating Ramzan consumes food from livestock, this trio certainly deserves claps for the quick move!

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