36 Vayadhinile is a Kollywood movie that has kindled the hearts of many homemakers to transform into homepreneurs and live the life they want. Ranjini is no different.

From homemaker to homepreneur

The transition during the 30s is extremely difficult. Especially if you are a woman, it is even difficult to manage household chores, family preferences and balance personal interests. After her schooling, Ranjini was occupied with her family life but her desire to achieve something in life has never faded.

Ranjini chocolate contest

Just after watching the movie 36 Vayadhinile, she also felt that age is not a barrier and that’s when she decided to enter into business. With the support of her family (brother, exclusively), she decided to give this field a try.

From saree selling to cookie making, the siblings analyzed many home-based opportunities. The culinary talent of Ranjini was the reason for them to zero down to chocolate bouquet making.

When asked why she chose chocolate bouquet, she said –

I have always seen bouquets ending up in trash. When it is customized with chocolates, who hates to throw it off?

That was a great idea!

Initial days of business

December 2016 was the turning point in her life. Having attended a number of chocolate bouquet making workshops to master the process, she gave it a shot on December first week with an investment of Rs 6000.

After days of wait, she got her first order on December 25th and that’s when she realized that she can gain orders for sure. During the 24 days, she has also made some basic preparations and photoshoots of her chocolate bouquets and was all set to establish as a brand “Royal Dream Chocolates”.

Chocolate bouquet

In a couple of months with constant marketing on Facebook, she was able to receive some corporate orders and personal orders.

Every chocolate we make is fresh just like how the order is. So, we treat it with utmost Care.

The mother-daughter partnership in business

Nivedha, the daughter of Ranjini, who is doing her BCom became extremely curious and passionate about what her mother has been doing so far in the chocolate making business. Eventually, she collaborated with her mother and they applied their creatives together. Perhaps, the collaboration was a hit!

The duo says,

It has never been difficult to make 100s of chocolates overnight as we motivate each other.

It was a pleasure to observe both of them expressing their interests and knowledge in this field. In addition to managing the daily chores, Ranjini of Royal Dream Chocolates makes it a practice to promote and hit a minimum of 25,000Rs as the monthly return. Fortunately, she has been making it thanks to the tireless efforts and determination.

The daughter has also pitched this business in her college’s entrepreneur fest where she bagged the prize and the products were the show-stealer.

The chocolate bouquet business

Ranjini makes over 10 varieties of chocolates and in shapes that customers prefer. She is also one of the very few successful homemade chocolate bouquet makers in the city. Further, she also makes factory chocolate bouquets as customer’s choice is the key.

Chocolate bouquet new

Just like every other business, Ranjini has faced ups and downs. There are financial crunches and there are times when her returns helped run the family and settle better.

That’s what even Jyothika wanted every woman to achieve in her movie 36 Vayadhinile, isn’t it?

Ranjini stresses on the taste and customization options that she gives to the customers along with affordability so the business sustains. Apparently, this is the reason for the success of Royal Dream Chocolates.

In the next few years, she is looking forward to establishing a full-fledged chocolate bouquet business and also teaching aspirants in this field.

Financial independence is where many women lack and find it hard to achieve! Amidst all the struggles, if you have a dream, no reason can stop you and that’s what Ranjini has to say to us.

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