Ask a mompreneur what her biggest challenge is. It is marketing hands down. This is where Sangeetha’s Kadaiveedhi acts as a boon to such mompreneurs.

Well, Sangeetha is a mompreneur as well and here is how she began her journey.

From A Chartered Account To A Mompreneur

Sangeetha Arunachalam is a qualified chartered account and a company secretary who was practicing as a chartered accountant. However, she was looking out for a soul-filling role. Her daughter’s birth in 2013 encouraged her to create a Facebook group in the name ‘Smart mommies’ exclusively for moms to interact and gather baby related support from each other. Her consistent efforts and information sharing led to the rapid growth of the group and today, it contains over 43,000 moms from various parts of the world.

While one of her goals to enable support to fellow moms was solved, she was eager to offer a space for moms who run business ventures, small or big. Without any hesitation, she kickstarted a new brand named Kadaiveedhi that offers a platform for mompreneurs to showcase their products and reach to the customers without having to undergo the marketing block.

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kadaiveedhi mompreneur

Journey Till Kadaiveedhi 6.0

This can actually appear like a software version but the reality is this business of Sangeetha’s is upgrading every time and she names it with these numbers.

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Social Talkies had partnered with Kadaiveedhi for its latest event 6.0 and the footfalls and the enthusiasm among the mompreneurs carried us away. So, we became quite eager to know the baby steps taken in the past that led to this massive success. The growth was definitely motivating.

The pilot event of Kadaiveedhi involved just friends while the next event included a few of the mompreneurs outside the group. Seeing the response, Sangeetha realized that moms need a space to sell their products throughout the year and remain financially independent. Jay Thattai of Unloc Ltd offered technological support to Kadaiveedhi and offered an app as well as a website where mompreneurs can offer services/products.

The brand achieved its shape during the third event of Kadaiveedhi. The next event went cashless. Later on, there was no looking back! Sangeetha says

Kadaiveedhi 6.0 had 50 stalls, 4000 walkins nearly and about 6.5 lacs in revenue.

That’s a WOW, don’t you think?

mompreneur event

Right from the organization of the event to the business model, the clarity and consistency have actually taken her to greater heights. When we asked her what the best part is in running this platform, she says

A number of mompreneurs are now able to pay the school fee of the child on their own.

When people have been talking about women empowerment, Sangeetha has been able to implement it and bear the fruits as a community which is an amazing thing!

If you are a mompreneur, it is high time that you use this platform to showcase your products too.

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