Chengalpattu government hospital, located about 41kms from Chennai Airport, treats over 500 patients a day.

With water scarcity taking a toll everywhere, a shopkeeper by the name Shibu selling snacks and beverages has taken up an initiative to offer water to the patients at free of cost.

Recently, a man has admitted his wife on account of her labor pain and found it hard to spend excessively on water. Since she had to be admitted for quite a long time than expected, he found it difficult to manage his expenses and that was when he noticed Shibu’s initiative.

chengalpattu government hospital water

Inpatient or outpatient, this shopkeeper offers a minimum of 100 liters of water to the patients at free of cost and this accounts to about 2,000 Rs a day and 60,000 Rs a month which is a huge number.

Upon asking him further, the shopkeeper says –

I wanted to do my bit to the patients and their families with the profits I gain each day. This keeps me satisfied as well.

Owing to the scorching heat throughout Tamilnadu, we need more such Shibus to initiate such good things to fill the thirst of the needy.

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