A few days ago, 3 siblings from Kerala became popular on the web for their innovative efforts this Summer. It is common to see kids enrolling in summer camps and fun activities to acquire new skills. However, three siblings Michael (13 years), Gabriel (10 years) and Michelle (6 years) teamed up to spend holidays effectively.

Initiative of the kidpreneurs

The family of the siblings spent nostalgic moments of their summer holidays a couple of weeks ago. That was when the kids’ father said the kids:

It would have been so nice to see you sell lemonade in front of our shop let for rent on the main road. With a duck song running at the background, you can enjoy the sales.

Gabriel felt like a bingo moment and suggested the choice of Westend Hall for selling lemonade as that location would allow the siblings room to rest whenever needed. Kids began building castles but not in the air. 4 days later, kids rushed to their father to inform their launch of lime juice counter in the proposed location.

It is perhaps interesting to see how the siblings had a shared vision and split roles and responsibilities efficiently.

  • Michael, the eldest does squeezing of lime and mixing of water and sugar syrup (made by the grandma) in proper ratios. He takes care of the accounts as well.
  • Gabriel, the elder cuts the lime. He charms the crowd by playing the guitar.
  • Michelle, the youngest makes the lime ready to cut by soaking in water. She is also the marketing star for the counter.

Though they display thorough leadership qualities, their father still takes care of refilling the vessels and monitoring them.

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Experience and takeaways

The kids place a table and they call it the counter for preparation and sales. They use the storage space at the back of the car to sit and market to the crowd. Seeing the siblings sell a glass of lime juice at Rs 10, the locals offered overwhelming support.

kidpreneurs kerala siblings car

Not only did they learn to do basic math, but they also improved their people management skills, fine-tuned their behaviors and imbibed moral values.

Their father George says,

When I wanted them to wind up the counter at 7:30 PM since it was time for IPL match to start, they were determined to return home only after selling the last glass.

A lot of customers have shown their satisfaction and appreciated the kids for being genuine, returning the change if paid extra and being unique. As we support the kidpreneurs in this initiative, their parents need a salute as well.

Kids need exposure not in front of gadgets but in the outside world. In the trend where parents choose to restrict play times and engage in too many activities for kids, the family of George stands as an example to think some native and truly productive that will benefit the siblings for the rest of their lives.



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