On June 14th on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, UC Browser had taken the initiative to survey its users on the question –

Have you ever donated blood?

While over 70,000 users visited the site and participated in the UC Browser survey, what ended up was a shocking result. A death is reported every sixth minute due to non-availability of blood. Though there are slogans and campaigns being organized in different parts of the country, they have proven to be ineffective.

Here is the result of the survey:

Over 56% of Indians have reported that they have never donated blood.

The official result of UC Browser also claims that the users were losing direction and awareness of blood donation. What was even appalling is the point that they do not trust blood banks as these have been engaging in selling blood.

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Looking into the case further, a number of volunteers in Tamilnadu have conducted campaigns on social media since April due to the lack of blood donors. Even government hospitals have reported difficulties in finding donors! The result of this survey has just proved it.

Are you aware of the blood wastage?

Donate blood, save a life is the common slogan used by socially responsible people to provoke others to involve in this noble act. However, how many of us know that donated blood is being wasted due to a number of reasons?

Discussing with a representative from UC Browser on this subject, we were able to know that over 76 districts present in 14 states of India do not have blood banks as per a report issued by Lok Sabha and poor maintenance of existing blood banks has resulted in wastage of over 6 lakh liters of blood in 2016-17. The discouraging infrastructure is one of the reasons for people to shy away from donating blood.

Action plan

So what is the solution?

  • The collaboration between public and government to promote awareness on blood donation
  • Setup of new blood banks in all districts and states in the country
  • Clear schema to maintain the stored blood volumes
  • Proper assessment and quality validation of blood before it reaches the recipient.
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