If you ask who Praveen Kumar Rajendran is, the search engine has to recognize me and inform readers more about me.

This is how the conversation started with Praveen who builds his personal brand regularly.

The reason to choose personal branding

Like every other student, he has toiled during his school and college times and landed up in a corporate environment. His thirst to remain unique in a crowd has made him find ways to achieve the same. He found that ‘personal branding’ is the only way to portray yourself to the world.

During his full-time job at an MNC, he also managed to engage in productive activities that helped him grow his followers substantially. In addition to a software professional, he improved his skills in public speaking, time management, and leadership and actively participated in network building to leverage his brand.

Many call it publicity but who doesn’t want it? When you are known for something good, that’s when your image builds.

Praveen has given a detailed interview on how to build a personal brand and the steps are following in the upcoming section.

10 Steps To Build A Personal Brand

1. Use social media effectively

It is not a bad idea to regularly post on social media when you can add value to your contacts. Praveen is active in social media and plans to post at least one time a day where he discusses social issues and engages his contacts to participate in the discussion.

Similarly, make it a habit to use other social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn where people can connect with you.

Inform your contacts with the social media links so they can stay connected.

2. Help people on Quora and Reddit

Did you know that Quora and Reddit are wonderful traffic-generating sources where you can network as well as help people on subjects you like? From social issues to general queries to technical doubts, Praveen makes sure that he engages with them and embeds his social media links so the traffic is never missed out.

3. Build a website in your name

Praveen Kumar Rajendran has built a website in his name as to him, your name is your brand. Just like how Steve Jobs and Apple are two entities but both are popular and recognizable, Praveen believes that hard copy profiles are outdated and it is important to upgrade to the digital world.

Praveen personal branding website

In his website, Praveen details more about his technical works, Youtube videos, blog posts and has an exclusive Contact page where he informs his capabilities and the reasons for people to reach him.

Quite interesting, right?

Make sure your website is neat and has all the essential information that you want others to know about you! Next time, don’t hand over a piece of paper as your profile. Instead, share your website link and convert that into an opportunity.

4. Write, write and write

When will someone know about your potential? It is when you let other people know through your words or videos. To build his branding, Praveen has initially started with writing for established platforms like Yourstory Tamil. He says

Money is not the key. Providing value to the readers is!

Similarly, you can also notice the blog option on his website where he blogs on trending topics and opinion articles. He makes it a point to republish to high traffic generating sites like Medium. He says this activity has brought him opportunities as well as enhanced the credibility of his profile.

5. Think out of the box

The key to building a personal brand is to stay out of the box. Praveen has used his writing skills to publish a few e-books on technical and general subjects.

Praveen personal branding ebook

Subsequently, he also takes part in open mics and local community events where he can establish new relationships with people. This has seriously worked out and offered him new opportunities.

6. Quotes can build your image

No, we are not kidding. Have you noticed people sharing quotes as forwards on Whatsapp and Facebook? How about seeing your quote in one of those forwards? That’s a proud feeling, right?

Praveen uses YourQuote efficiently to write his quotes and in turn, he uses the design to share across all the social media platforms. This has brought him the necessary traction and identity.

Praveen personal brand yourquote

7. Choose your audience

So, it is not just your online presence that defines successful personal branding. It is important to brand yourself offline as well. Choose the target audience you wanted to tap and plan accordingly.

To Praveen, he wants to motivate the younger generation and he chose college students as his primary audience. Hence, he tried to establish links with the community relations officer of colleges and his branding strategies have given him chances to offer guest lectures at reputed colleges in Tamilnadu.

Praveen personal brand Students

Not to forget, Praveen Kumar Rajendran has been selected as the Mentor of Change for Atal Thinker Lab, Niti Aayog. It is under his guidance that students of Kendriya Vidyalaya Madurai are flourishing and competing at the national level.

8. Keep a handful of professional pictures

When you feel that you are a person of substance and people benefit from you, it is time to maintain a handful of professional pictures that you can use for your daily personal branding routine.

This strategy allows people to remember your name as well as your face. They can recognize you amidst the crowd. Of course, that’s what we want eventually, right?

Make sure that you append your pictures wherever possible.

9. Upgrade yourself

Building a personal brand is an ongoing process. The world watches you and you really cannot think of this as a short-term plan. Whether there is the latest news on the niche you are dealing with or a new platform to promote, remember to constantly watch out for some improvements.

When you do not upgrade, your personal brand worsens. Back when Praveen created e-books on technical topics, he also realized that people were keen to read on general subjects and relationships. This realization is important.

10. The golden secret of scheduling

Last but not least, the thumb rule or the golden secret for personal branding is here.

Allocate time daily

If you think you can hire a PR or a social media manager to promote your personal image, then think twice. If you can afford and you are already on a tight schedule and most importantly, if the person does an excellent job, go ahead. Even in this case, you need to spend at least 15 minutes a day to interact with the manager.

Else, be your own PR. Spend at least 30 minutes a day to promote, interact and identify new platforms. Who knows? You could be trending tomorrow too!

With these 10 steps, Praveen has traveled from an unknown guy to a well-known guy. You can do it too!

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