After finishing high school, each of us is occupied with a number of responsibilities that make us take odd jobs. Paroma Chatterjee is not an exception. She began her professional life as a cabin crew member in India’s one of the top airline firms. Traveling around the world, she discovered her passion for music and she found her calling in this genre.

Transitioning as DJ 

As she traveled to different parts of the world, she got the chance to visit night clubs and slowly adapted to that environment. When she faced the pressure to make the right choice, she had to unanimously choose DJ as she strongly believed that she wants this profession for her living and not just a hobby.

Life is not rosy, however. Paroma’s early days were filled with struggles. When we happened to ask her how she broke the stereotypes in this field, she says –

People told me that this profession couldn’t take me anywhere and it is not socially acceptable for a woman to play music at nightclubs. I took it up because I didn’t find anything wrong with it.

DJ is a male-dominated area where females are vulnerable to social stigmas. Sometimes, they even affect your peace of mind. While she says that the security of a female could be a nightmare in this field, she still believed that focus and capabilities can take you to the position where one wishes to.

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Over a period of 8 years in this field, she has faced all ups and downs but never wanted to quit.

Know what inspired DJ Paroma

According to Paroma, one has to adapt to the changes in the industry and move forward with opportunities. While DJing is all about entertainment, the person who handles the evening needs to carry it efficiently. Else, it can disrupt everything. She also highlights that she has that special quality of connecting with her crowd on the mic.


Talking less, playing more so people enjoy more and more! This is what Paroma believed in.

As years passed by, she did not only become aware of the industry trends but also learned the technical intricacies and crowd management skills that took her to world-class opportunities.

DJ Paroma on the news

How does it sound when the decision you took made it to the news and you are lauded everywhere? That’s how Paroma felt as she associated with prestigious shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and IPL Extra Innings. She recalls how she effortlessly broke the stereotypes and people recalled her for her performances in the show.

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Over the years, DJ Paroma Chatterjee has also made it on the news for associating with top music labels like Zee Music, Sony Music and T-series for official remixes. In fact, she is also the brand ambassador of brands like UDG Gear and V-Moda which did not only earn her a dime but also fame.

She is one of India’s top DJs today. She attributes her success to consistent performance, continuous learning and down-to-earth attitude.

Paroma’s story is a must-read for anyone who has entered into gender-specific industries and wishes to break the stereotypes with exemplary performance, no matter what!

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