We all love to read fairy tales but it happens in real too. Ragul is an example of it. Back when he was in his teens, he was forced to work at odd jobs due to family needs. He began to associate with a housekeeping agency and he was employed at Equiniti ICS and that’s when he met his godfather who transformed his life.

Let’s know more about his journey in this video.

The other side of Ragul

He is living his passion at the moment. With a notion to incorporate arts in his profession, he began to pursue dance, music, modeling, photography and acquire other professional skills like designing, English speaking and more. The constant push of his boss is the reason for his exponential growth over the years.

If you have got excited about his journey, you should not miss watching this video.

Lately, Ragul has entered the film industry and has a personal studio where he carries out the pre- and post-production.

If we look at the life journey of Ragul, he has never got satisfied with what he achieved because the sky is the limit. However, he also leaves a strong social message that one cannot miss noting.

Though I have gotten better over the period, I can still recall the discrimination that I have had. My boss has been concerned about gender equality and opportunity for all and he looks forward to showering light on many.

Perhaps, if you have the skill and desire, your life automatically connects the dots and leads you to the path you wish.

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