Martial art is picking up its importance in recent times thanks to the number of social unjust events happening around us. While Karate and kickboxing have been the commonly chosen options, Pradeep Paramaswaran has opted a different art right in his childhood. Heard of Muay Thai? Well, he has chosen the road less traveled.

When kids have grown watching the martial arts of Bruce Lee, Pradeep began practicing and decided that Muay Thai is where his passion is.

Why Muay Thai?

People chose Kung Fu, Karate and kickboxing but Pradeep had other plans. An average scorer at school, Pradeep believes that he found his passion when he was at his secondary grade and he never looked behind.

Whenever he returns home after watching Bruce Lee, he used to practice the splits and fight moves and that kept him going. With limited knowledge he had, he began to attend classes to learn kickboxing. However, his fascination and love for Muay Thai never declined.

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Researching more about this form of martial art, Pradeep wished for a chance to learn from Mr. Frederick, tiger muay thai expert from Thailand. This wish transformed into reality and he learned it closely under his guidance and began to work harder at the age of 15.

He says –

Muay Thai, the art of 8-limbs, needs extraordinary endurance and I naturally had it which I am proud of.

Job or passion – the life crunch

Every person who has a passion different from what his career is supposed to face this crunch and Pradeep is no exception.

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Even while practicing Muay Thai in Chennai, the peer pressure made him appear for job interviews. When he was talking about this experience, we observed that he is a man filled with determination and never give up attitude. If you were to know why here it is –

I failed 17 times at an interview in Sutherland and understood that I lacked communication. But, I went back the 18th time after taking up a proper language training course and I got SELECTED.

Failure is natural but to have the persistence to bounce back in a better shape deserves applause. Fulfilling the desires of his family, he worked at Sutherland for 1.5 years but then at the end of the day, he has never felt satisfied. The Muay Thai call kept striking his mind.

The turning point

When he was about 19, he quit his job and used his savings to travel down to Singapore for a personal reason but unexpectedly joined a Muay Thai session where he outperformed the rest of the attendees.

From working in a BPO to being selected as an instructor for kickboxing in Singapore was definitely a huge leap!

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This is when Pradeep also recalls his experience as a chief instructor at Indian Kickboxing Association that let him master the moves and tune the skills on par with the experts.

As he flew down to Chennai after a year’s association in the kickboxing center in Singapore, he realized that he wanted to kickstart his own martial art training center.

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After years of research about punches, kicks, and moves, Pradeep developed the ideal syllabus to train his students on par with the international standards in the year 2016.

The entrepreneurial journey

It was in the year 2017 when he also worked in Cisco and saved money to begin his martial arts center and in the middle of the year, his dream came true. He started one in the name of Parashuram Martial Arts.

In the last 1.5 years, Pradeep has trained over 40 students on boxing and Muay Thai. Started small, this entrepreneur is now looking to scale his center with better infrastructure and wanting to spread awareness about the usefulness of Muay Thai.

All he wishes is a tournament organized by the government for Muay Thai so more people get healthy and also learn this excellent art of self-defense. Further, he trains students to compete in international tournaments as well.

Reading his story only tells us that –

when you are passionate about something, grab some courage and go for it!

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