Music was not what he wanted but it happened for good. Well, we are talking about the music director Roshan!

Early days as a musician

It was his father’s vision to join Roshan in a music school to pursue music as a career. Though a BCA graduate, he accidentally joined a course in music probably to find out that his life resides there. However, music has slowly become a part and parcel of his life. Meeting with people, playing with chords and getting used to the music literally changed his perception about music. Roshan observed a slow transition towards music. His batchmates included Singer Shruti Haasan and music director Dharan too!

When we asked about his initial days of music journey (18 years ago), Roshan says:

I, along with a drummer, used to go to the beach at 4 AM and practice music.

Perhaps, there were a lot of humiliations and discouragements in the mid but Roshan took it easy and focused on his journey.

He began his career as a player in the orchestra and earned a meager 700 Rs for his participation but things changed in the last 20 years. He also worked at a BPO for 3 months and that’s when he learned that his thirst for music increased. He was not in a position to choose between music and a full-time job. However, he lost interest in BPOs and other full-time positions.

Roshan orchestra

The toughest times

Though it was rosy so far, Roshan dreamt of becoming a full-time musician and he recalled how hard he toiled to get a chance.

There were middlemen who need to be bribed for opportunities and unless I spend few hundreds a day for them, it is hard for me to get a chance.

During the years when he was jobless and trying to settle in the music field, he had undergone so many troubles and stress just because he was demanded money everywhere but given negligible opportunities.

Things changed, not so soon, but after a few years!

The album for stray animals

Years have passed but Roshan’s dreams are still fresh, partially fulfilled! Keen to know his accomplishment?

Roshan has produced music for over 300 short films and 250 songs and has also offered rerecording services for a couple of movies. Recently, he has directed music for the Kollywood movie ‘Kanna Pinna’.

Roshan musicians

Also, Roshan runs a full-fledged youtube channel that features mashups, celebrity interviews, new tunes and much more only about music. He also teaches music to young aspirants.

His love for animals has motivated him to direct and compose music for an album that projected the sufferings of stray animals along with his friends. This was a blockbuster and gained the attention of a lot of animal lovers and activists.

It just happened and I did the album heartily and the outputs were amazing.

Roshan is also a music composer for a number of international projects.

For music is his language! Roshan wants to make it big in the years to come and the day is not far.

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