To many South Indians, IsaiGnani Ilaiyaraja’s and AR Rahman’s songs could create nostalgic moments. So does to the budding entrepreneur and lyricist Thirumurugan.

Like every other person, Thirumurugan has grown up listening to the songs of Singer Sujatha. And, what makes it interesting is that it took a long time for him to realize that all his favorite songs were sung by the same singer Sujatha. This is when he fell crazy for her songs and her sugarcoated voice.

This is the beginning of his journey towards becoming a lyricist and an entrepreneur. Though years passed by, his craze for her voice never faded. It was a couple of years ago when he realized that he should surprise her on her birthday.

Life changing moment

We asked Thirumurugan how he met and he began reciting a tale like a child without leaving its minute aspects. This shows his passion! He has been in touch with the singer Sujatha and her daughter-singer Shweta Mohan. Nevertheless, the fan moment peeped in when he first met her.

I went to wish her with the gift and I was the one who was surprised with her down-to-earth attitude, a warm welcome to one of her fans, care and motherly affection throughout. I still could recollect the moment when she gifted me a wallet and said that it should never be empty. I do not know what made her say but it became true.

Thirumurugan returns home with the new wallet just to hear a firm informing him that he is selected for a job which symbolically means that the wallet is going to overflow with cash. This was the moment when he treated her as a lucky charm.

Music journey

Early in life, Thirumurugan has written a number of lyrics for albums but the passion towards music transformed him into a professional lyricist. This enabled him to approach his favorite singer Shweta Mohan sing his lyrics and dedicate a song to her mother on her birthday. Not stopping with her, he initiated Singer Sujatha Music Marathon last year for her birthday.

Sujatha music marathon

What is so special about this marathon is that every singer has to use his lyrics and dedicate the song to Sujatha on Smule app. The response from Smule singers to this marathon amazed him. With song duration crossing the desired threshold for the marathon, it was a huge success and he surprised Singer Sujatha on her birthday along with the singers who sang on Smule. This initiative was well appreciated by other artists too for his dedication.

Meanwhile, he has also initiated a YouTube channel – Isai24x7 dedicated for music. His thirst for lyrics continued and he organized Karaoke singers meet on July 14, 2018, to give the budding singers a space to show their talent. Though an employee at a private firm, he never finds excuses to limit his interest/ passion. His interest grows day by day and it has put many musicians awestruck.

Isai 247 Event

Thirumurugan now writes lyrics for music albums, karaoke songs, and other new songs but never fails to dedicate some to his favorite singers namely Sujatha, Shweta, Mahathi, Unni Krishnan.

Such fans are the victory moments to any public artist! Don’t you think so?

The road to entrepreneurship

Thirumurugan’s family has slowly started showing their consent to his initiatives. He launched Isai Devathai, a music album earlier. But then, he has another face which is an entrepreneur.

Thirumurgan converts his passion into a money-making opportunity by organizing shows that will showcase budding talents and at the same time, include brands to support this initiative. He views a great future in this field.

Thirumurugan Music Competition Poster

In this poster, he invites singers to apply for the new opportunity. There were times when he felt down but music has never failed to uplift him.

From his journey, we realize that one has to be consistent to reap the desired fruits.

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