No dream is small proves Vikram Srinivasan, a Chennai-based yoga instructor, who has set his vision of life at the age of 15 years.

Yoga dreams

Vikram has had the opportunity to practice yoga from his early age of 6 years but it was an incident that pushed him to explore a career in yoga.

I have been to a yoga training session for police officials with my yoga master. I was so carried away by the way he was respected and praised. I dreamt of being one in the future.

This incident clearly synced with instructions shared by his parents. He recalls how his father never wanted him to be used for recommendations and preferred Vikram to be known by his name and not the son of him. This thirst for a personal image pushed the young yoga champion to dream of a career and a bright future.

Sim-card selling to yoga teaching

What is more interesting about Vikram’s early stages of career is his persistence! Since he did not instantly receive consent from his parents for his choice of profession, he took up odd jobs to pursue his career. Sim-card selling was one of them. As soon as this began, he also saved money to learn and teach yoga.

The lucky charm in his life happened to Mr. Rajiv from Sports Planet who invited Vikram to take yoga sessions at his gym located in a star hotel in the city. This was a Godsent opportunity that he instantly explored. Observing his dedication, one of his students was running a group of educational institutions. Vikram was offered a full-time yoga master position in RMK Group of Institutions.

The endless thirst for Yoga

With the thirst to learn more about Yoga, he used his free time and after-school/college hours to connect literature and scriptures with Yoga to find out how the latter can add value to a person’s lifestyle.

Talking to Vikram about his findings, he says –

I was so thrilled knowing how Thiruvalluvar drafted solutions for better health. Even interesting was Thirumandiram where there were verses to detail Vata, pitta, and Kapha! These findings pushed me to educate people about the essentials of a lifestyle.

One of the first steps Vikram took was enabling kids to practice yoga through dance. This became an instant hit that kindled him to take up new initiatives. Meanwhile, he had established a clientele comprising of popular public agencies like Chennai City Police, Tamilnadu Police, Income Tax Department, and more.

Name a Central/State government agency and Vikram is undoubtedly training officials there already! That’s how he grew so rapidly only through WORD-OF-MOUTH. Sounds great, right?

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Yoga with Kalam

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has always been people’s favorite and Vikram is not an exception. At a time when Vikram had a chance to meet Dr. Kalam, he was overwhelmed and accepted graciously. The humble Dr. Kalam invited Vikram to Raj Bhavan for a meeting and this is where Vikram’s journey with the former started.


Inspired by Vikram’s broad findings and realistic knowledge about Yoga, Dr. Kalam had pushed him to complete a book on Yoga that the former was already intending to. Experiencing the interest of his role model, Vikram published a book titled ‘Yoga for You & Me’ exclusively for kids. Launched unofficially by Dr. Kalam, Vikram decided to gift this book to committed, passionate people.

Dr. Kalam had also instructed his personnel to retain the rest of the copies of the book in various libraries so people benefit from it. Well, there is one aspect about the book that pulled Dr. Kalam to support Vikram and this is the arrangement of his preface. Unlike other books that contained usual table of contents, title page, and preface, Vikram took a different path by introducing a section called ‘Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam’ where the subsection on Deivam (God) had an interesting quote.

Here you go!


Two decades of Yoga 

While Vikram’s experience with Dr. Kalam is unforgettable, he also shares how other incidents made him delighted about his career choice.

  1. One of his students with a birth defect joined his coaching. Over a period of 7 months, she conceived and it transformed the family to a great extent.
  2. When Vikram was invited to a wedding of an official’s daughter who was his student, he happened to notice that the official was his dad’s colleague. His dad was introduced to everyone as Vikram’s dad. It was this moment he was waiting for and his dad grew his perception about his son.

In two decades, Vikram has believed in personally consulting students and providing customized solutions based on the need. This has changed their lifestyles and given him the desired satisfaction.

He stands as an example of the statement –

When you aim for something, work hard that your aim becomes a reality and not a dream.

There’s also a philanthropic side to Vikram. He has educated 61 students so far out of which 90% of them are girl students. Though it is a group effort, he believes that he has been a driving force in educating girl children.

Today, Vikram is the most sought out yoga instructor in the city and is the official consultant for a number of government agencies, media celebrities, and other popular personalities. His venture, Chakra View Yoga, is in an aim to reach masses with the right information about the right lifestyle! He is also a doctorate in Yoga!

Chennai Corporation has also added the list of clients. Here is a snapshot of his yoga and stress management training for migrant workers during COVID-19 organized by Chennai Corporation.


To you, YES, to you, Vikram presents a few takeaways!

  1. Always sit on the floor.
  2. If you are practicing walk each day, avoid gadgets. Lead a stress-free time!
  3. Practice eating by sitting on the floor.
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