If you have ever procrastinated something in your life for some reason, then take some inspiration from Karthik Chandrasekaran.

Life with cerebral palsy 

In the first few years of birth, Karthik was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and quadriplegia. This shook the entire family but his mother was a driving force and gave him the much-needed motivation to take up life positively.

Karthik beamed with happiness when he spoke about his mother,

My mom is my pillar of strength as she has been with me during my lows and highs and always pushed me to achieve in life.


He began his schooling in Chennai’s reputed school for special children – Vidyasagar. Observing children with similar conditions and compassionate teachers, his disability never appeared big to him. He speaks with pride –

I do not want disability to disable me but I wanted to disable it although I have been doing it slowly.

That’s a boost to anyone citing disability! He has treated life positively despite challenges due to the right set of people around him.

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Diploma to work

What shook us is his journey in education! When Karthik was jobless for around 5 years, he pursued up to 15 diplomas and also completed M.Phil degrees in English and history. Despite securing these degrees, he was rejected by recruiters because his typing speed was low and speech was poor too. He drove back to reading books and set up a library to improve his knowledge.

Then came good news from Standard Chartered that he was SELECTED. Thanks to the effort of V Sesh (an NGO working for the employment of persons with disability), he got an opportunity to this accessible and inclusive workplace. The positive vibes around him pushed him to explore new horizons in life. Here is what Karthik has accomplished!

  • He has played chess with the Indian chess grandmaster, Mr. Viswanathan Anand.
  • He has explored modeling, flying, and scuba diving.
  • He has received a standing ovation for his extraordinary speech in front of army soldiers.
  • He has also performed a perpetual calendar demo several times.
  • He has saved people from depression.

He secured the most educated person award from the Spastic Society of Mumbai. Karthik proudly says that he has always identified positives when life has pulled him down. When people treated him with pity, he has transformed his attitude to be treated with respect and dignity instead of sympathy.


Today, he works as a senior officer in the debit card chargeback department of Standard Chartered bank. He uses a modified mouse meant to ease his typing process. He uses an accessible device to climb stairs and keep himself mobile.

Karthik completes the interview with a powerful endnote and here it is –

Don’t let negativity creep in. Take control of your thoughts and surround yourself with the right people. Your life turns beautiful no matter what you are into.

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