A simple, minimalist lifestyle is what many youngsters prefer to live lately but it is no rocket science according to Dr. Kanu Jain, an assistant professor of commerce in Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.

Her care for the environment started several years ago though it was just limited to litter-free environment development. As Kanu Jain traveled frequently, she developed a passion to know about waste management and global warming and that’s probably the time when her life changed.

Baby steps to lead a minimalist lifestyle

As we discussed how she began leading a minimalist lifestyle, she quoted the avoidance of tissue papers and that she had received a daily dosage of motivation to care for the environment through different sources like Ted Talks and Daily Dump Composters page. All these helped her to do a bit and care better.

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Meanwhile, her association with plants began as her husband gifted plants on her birthday last year. Though a novice in growing plants, every new leaf, and bud urged her to grow more and this excitement transformed her life. Subsequently, she decided to focus on the food chain and minimalist approach that can be applied to the same. She began with composting at home.

She also gathered insights from a Facebook group named Zero Waste Lifestyle – India that comprises of initiatives taken by individuals to preserve the environment around. Thanks to the information in this group, it was possible for Kanu to segregate waste and approach local Kabbadiwalas to carry the dry waste for recycling.

kanu bioenzyme holding

The next baby step is her buying behavior. She switched from soap to fuller’s earth, sanitary pads to cloth pads, plastic bottles to mitti bottles, artificial cleaners to bio-enzymes, buying a one-time usable product to renting and eco-friendly packaging of goods. All these minimized the waste generated by her family and she was definitely proud about the transition.

Well, this did not stop!

The butterfly effect

Kanu’s visit to Nagaland involved some shocking incidents where the serenity of nature was totally covered with heaps of plastics. The disturbing sights forced her to spread the need to preserve the environment wherever she travels. Perhaps, she decided to use her professional role to spread information about minimalism.

I always lead by example. And my profession helps me spreading the knowledge which I have got along these years. I believe in inspiring by taking charge and making changes myself. I keep on sharing the small changes which I choose to make in my life through social media. While teaching, I give my students exposure to all the natural alternatives. And I think it has worked to a great extent. People have started sharing their own stories of small changes with me. And it is so heartening to see that!

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As she saw people around her transforming to a minimalist lifestyle, it gave her the responsibility to do her bit to this society forever.

minimalist lifestyle kanu professor

According to Kanu Jain,

Minimum waste is a lifestyle. And once you understand the importance of it and how it affects you, you start doing it sub-consciously. One just remains to be conscious of one’s choices and after a while ,those choices become habits and then habits transform into a lifestyle.

Don’t you think this is just inspiring?

A teacher does not teach just the content from books but moral values and rights and undoubtedly, Kanu has been a wonderful teacher to her students in guiding them rightly and molding them into better citizens that the planet deserves!

Her journey also says that minimalist lifestyle is one way to achieve sustainability and this is essential to eliminate environmental degradation.

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